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Wittmann Patch application

Wittmann Patch adjustable abdominal closure

The Wittmann Patch is an adjustable hook-and-loop fascial closure tool for bridging abdominal wall openings where primary closure is not possible and/or repeat abdominal entries are necessary.

Timely use of the Wittmann Patch can help achieve fascia-to-fascia abdominal wall closure thus avoiding the giant ventral hernia, reconstruction, components separation and/or bridging mesh.

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TAWT skin-protecting bolster application

TAWT(Trans Abdominal Wall Traction)

TAWT is used for the application of traction to help achieve closure of the the acute open abdomen and chronic giant ventral hernia. TAWT bolster plates laid on the skin and positioned over the lateral edge of the rectus sheath are secured to hook and loop sheets (Wittmann Patch) positioned as a temporary underlay beneath the posterior rectus sheath. The application of traction stretches the retracted oblique and latissimus muscles, allowing for fascia-to-fascia closure without component separation or bridging mesh. Lateral attachment preserves the midline fascial borders for final closure.

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XTAC expandable temporary abdominal closure

XTAC abdominal dressing

The XTAC (Expandable Temporary Abdominal Closure) dressing is a short-term (1–5 day) closure for the too-edematous-to-close abdomen. It is sterile, flexible, transparent, and economical, with an expandable pleat to help accommodate swelling.

The XTAC dressing is an FDA-cleared alternative to “off label” re-sterilized infusion bags (Bogota bag), fluid warmer drapes, X-ray cassette covers, and other non-approved devices.

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Burn glove

Burn Glove

The burn glove is a protectant for partial-thickness hand burns and wounds. It speeds dressing changes and allows a greater range of motion during therapy than traditional gauze dressings.

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