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Techniques for closing acute and chronic giant ventral defects

“Regardless of the cause of the giant ventral defect or the length of time it has existed, trans-abdominal wall traction can recapture abdominal domain and achieve midline fascial approximation and closure.”

Dennis AJ et al abstract: Trans-Abdominal Wall Traction as a Universal Solution to the Management of Giant Ventral Hernias. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 2015; 135: 4, 1113–1123.

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Wittmann Patch application

Wittmann Patch® Staged Abdominal Repair (STAR)

The Wittmann Patch is a hook and loop abdominal closure tool that is indicated for temporary bridging of abdominal wall openings where primary closure is not possible and/or repeat abdominal entries are necessary.

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TAWT skin-protecting bolster application

Trans-Abdominal Wall Traction (TAWT)

TAWT is a medial fascial preserving technique that uses the hook and loop Wittmann Patch for closing the acute open abdomen and reconstruction of giant ventral hernias. The technique helps avoid the need for component separation and bridging mesh.

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Retention Guard suture-protecting pplates

Retention Suture foam padded plates

Retention Guard™ foam padded plates prevent suture pull-through, help protect skin, and anchor retention sutures in place.

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XTAC expandable temporary abdominal closure

Expandable Temporary Abdominal Closure (XTAC)

The XTAC is a short term (1 to 5 day) temporary dressing used to bridge the open abdomen. XTAC is an alternative to “off label” devices. It is soft, transparent, and pleated to accommodate swelling.

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Burn glove

Burn Glove

The burn glove is a protectant for partial-thickness hand burns and wounds. It speeds dressing changes and allows a greater range of motion during therapy than traditional gauze dressings.

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