TAWT (Trans-Abdominal Wall Traction)

TAWT (pronounced "taut") is a technique to help close the acute open abdomen and reconstruct chronic giant ventral hernias. It avoids components separation and the need for bridging mesh while preserving the leading edge of the fascial borders for final closure.

TAWT utilizes the Wittmann Patch hook-and-loop sheets to apply constant isometric traction to both sides of the abdominal wall. The postulated mechanism is an isometric-traction-induced myofascial release that gradually lengthens the retracted oblique and latissimus muscles to recapture abdominal domain.

Suture retention plates enable lateral external attachment of underlay hook and loop sheets to the peritoneal surface of the abdominal wall.

Starsurgical provides StarGuard™ suture-retention plates to anchor sutures during TAWT procedures.

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Wittmann Patch TAWT Reapproximation and Closure

TAWT forces diagram