Wittmann Patch

Wittmann Patch

The Wittmann Patch is a Velcro®-like device for bridging and re-approximating abdominal wall openings where primary closure is not possible and/or repeat abdominal entries are necessary.

The Wittmann Patch is often used with open abdomen negative pressure treatment when negative pressure treatment alone isn't enough to achieve fascia-to-fascia closure. Use of the Wittmann Patch, ideally before lateral retraction and loss of abdominal domain, can help achieve abdominal wall closure and avoid a planned ventral hernia.

The Wittmann Patch consists of hook-and-loop (Velcro®-like) sheets that are pressed together to form a secure closure and peeled apart for abdominal re-entry. The overlap is adjusted to accommodate an increase or decrease in swelling. Applying a slight tension helps prevent lateral retraction. As abdominal swelling decreases, the fascial edges are pulled closer together and excess patch material is trimmed. When the two fascial edges are close enough, the remaining patch material is removed and the abdominal wall is closed by suturing fascia-to-fascia.

The Wittmann Patch has been used to treat conditions associated with an extended course of open abdomen management including:

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