XTAC Overview


The XTAC (Expandable Temporary Abdominal Closure) dressing is an economical, FDA-cleared, sterile, short-term (1-5 day), temporary closure for the too-edematous-to-close abdomen. It was designed as a replacement for re-sterilized infusion bags and other non-approved devices. It is flexible and transparent, has an expandable pleat to help accommodate swelling, and is indicated for temporary bridging of fascial defects where primary closure is not possible.

The XTAC dressing has been used for temporary abdominal closure following laparotomy for damage control surgery in trauma and for decompressive laparotomy for abdominal compartment syndrome. It is indicated for use not to exceed 5 days. The XTAC dressing should be removed as early as clinically feasible. Its removal is for one of the following reasons: definitive repair of injuries and reduction of abdominal wall and visceral swelling to the point where the patient’s abdominal wall can be closed primarily, closure with mesh, planned ventral hernia, or replacement with a fascial reapproximating and closure tool like the Wittmann Patch.

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